Spatial Leaders + their Stories + Cool Stuff

Meet some of the amazing spatial leaders changing the world around us today, and learn about how geomatics engineering is fueling their careers.

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Do you want to be a spatial leader too?

A podcast hosted by Alex Bruton

“This podcast is dedicated to introducing you to some incredible people, to sharing their stories, and to getting their advice for building a deeply fulfilling life and career.”

– Alex Bruton, PhD, PEng, MBA, Teaching Professor of Geomatics Engineering


“Sit in” on our conversations and see the videos, images, and all the cool stuff we’re discussing. It’s just like being at the table with us!


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Do you want to be a spatial leader too?

This video contains my own personal introduction to this amazing field.

It shares the true story about how I completely lucked into it.

And it includes few exciting application areas in case you’re thinking of making spatial part of your career.

You can also learn right here a little more about the U of C’s geomatics engineering program that got me hooked: