Using Excel, Google Spreadsheets, and Your Statistics Tables for Two-tailed Applications

In topics like the following, you’re going to run into the need to use statistics tables for things like confidence intervals and two-tailed hypothesis testing. And you might want to use Excel or Google Spreadsheets to make quicker and sometimes more accurate work of it:

This topic is designed to help you get a solid handle on using Excel and Google Spreadsheet functions like the following:

as well as to teach you how to use common standard normal and t-distribution statistics tables and reconcile what they give you with the above functions.

* Note that Google Spreadsheets doesn’t support NORMS.S.DIST() or T.DIST().

You can jump to different points in the video here:

    • 0:00 – Getting to where you never make an error with this stuff
    • 0:33 – The two-tailed cases
    • 1:17 – A little accounting to get straight on the confidence level (1-\alpha)\% and confidence coefficient (1-\alpha), statistical significance \alpha, and the area to the right of the z-score I seek (1-\alpha/2)
    • 4:02 – Using common standard normal distribution (Z) tables
    • 8:04 – Using common students’ t-distribution (T) tables
    • 11:55 – A peek at how the T table approaches the Z table for large sample sizes
    • 12:22 – Using Excel and Google Spreadsheets to do the same
    • The standard normal functions:
      • 16:28 – Using NORMSINV() and NORM.S.INV()
      • 17:14 – Using NORMSDIST() and NORM.S.DIST()
    • The t-distribution functions:
      • 18:10 – Using TINV() and TDIST()
      • 19:52 – Using T.INV() and T.DIST()
    • 21:07 – Spreadsheets can be better than tables
    • 21:37 – Showing the convergence of the T and Z functions
    • 22:49 – A few final words

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