A deeper understanding of data, statistics, probability, and estimation

Overview and learning goals

As we embark on this topic, ask yourself: Do I understand the following concepts and disciplines and how they fit together?

  • Populations and samples
  • Types of data and scales of measurement
  • The discipline of probability
  • The discipline of inferential statistics
  • The discipline of descriptive statistics, and the different kinds of descriptive measures
  • The discipline of estimation

The main learning goal of this topic is to help you do this, and will set the stage for much of the rest of the work we’ll be doing.

My notes

Here are my lectures notes – the ones I wrote up when I lectured on this topic. They’re not perfect, but if you’re in my class then they should be helpful when you go to create your own “perfect” set of lecture notes.

I will keep these up to date as we go through the material in class.

When you’re ready, proceed by working your way through the self-assessments (under “Lesson Assessments”) below.

Once you’ve clicked through those, use the green button to move on to the next lesson (or to finish up if there are no other lessons).

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