Self-assessment for: Let’s improve our “big picture” view

The following are some recommended self-assessment questions for the lesson called Let’s improve our “big picture” view.

Question 1:

In this topic made the effort in this topic to revisit a bunch of stuff we did earlier, hoping you’d see it even more clearly now that we have the topics of functional modeling and linearization under our belts. Included in this was the measurement model which we looked at again in light of the full parametric model (i.e. in the case that we can use observation equations).

a) Use what you learned from that discussion to provide an intuitive explanation of the meaning of what we’re doing when we “parametrize” a model in the parametric case. Include in this a discussion of what is meant by the term “measurement space”.

b) Why does all this matter? Why do we do it? As an example, you might explain to me why, if you had the angles required to do a resection, you might set things up to do a parametric least squares network adjustment instead. Other examples are fine too.


Question 2:

a) Once you’ve taken a set of measurements, what are the steps you need to take to try and make sure they meet the conditions required of a least squares adjustment? Use the revised measurement model and/or the full geodetic model I’ve provided in this topic to explain what each of these steps accomplishes.

b) If these steps have all been completed with success, then what can we assume about our measurements? Use the revised measurement model to explain this too.

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